Zanzibar Beach

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Zanzibar Beach

Zanzibar Beach

What Zanzibar offers is a unique combination of outstanding beaches, along its eastern edge, interesting activities, such as visiting a working spice farm, and the cultural delights of Stone Town, with Arabian fortresses and minarets.

With its location, barrier reef and outstanding beaches Zanzibar can offer all of the attractions that most crave such as scuba diving, glorious beaches, fresh seafood and much more. For those that are a little restless there is a small forest in the interior called Jozani that has indigenous red colobus monkeys, and the spice tours in one of the small farms just outside Zanzibar Town are a fascinating glimpse into why this island has become so famous.

Geographically, the island is only around 40 km across and 100 km from north to south at its widest points. Featuring outstanding, powder white beaches along its eastern shores, flanked by barrier reefs, and the UNESCO World heritage site of Stone Town on its western edge, the island itself (Unguja in Swahili) is fairly narrow, with a ridge running through its middle from north to south. Along its eastern coastline runs a protective barrier reef and then the Indian Ocean. This is where the best beaches are located, all with coral white sand and gently lapping waters.

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Soak up some rays on the white sand beaches or play in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Water sport activities include snorkelling, kayaking, wind surfing, water-skiing and much more. Zanzibar is home to over 25 beautiful beaches, you’ll even find a few that are secluded and peaceful. Come relax while sunning in one of the world’s most beautiful hidden treasures.


Stone town is one of the only historical Swahili coastal trading towns in East Africa still intact. The combination of small shops, bustling markets, Hindu temples and the diverse population of people meld the beauty of different cultures. The UNESCO declared Stone Town a World Heritage site in 2000. During our Stone Town tour you will see many interesting structures including the central market, the former slave market and Anglican Cathedral.


Zanzibar’s spices are famous worldwide. The Sultan of Oman built the first spice plantations on the island in 1873; to this day the gardens are filled with exotic spices, fruits and vegetables. Many of these plants serve medicinal purposes, which are still used by local residents. Rare plants grow here as well, such as lipstick and perfume trees. You will also visit the stucco garnished Kidichi Persian Baths.

You will see the outside of the Livingston House, built in the 1860’s by Sultan Majid. The house was used as a European Missionaries and Pioneers Point. Then proceed to the Maruhubi Palace ruins, which were built during 1880-1882, by Sultan Barghash to serve as a Harem for his concubines.


This tour allows you to view the intriguing natural environment of the Indian Ocean Bay. You will leave Fumba by dhow, the Kwale Coral Reef is the first stop. Kwale offers a gracious view of coral and colorful fish. Your guide will point out specific marine life and instruct you in snorkeling. The trip then continues to a sandbank to snack, while taking in the view of ocean water. Humpback whales may be spotted feasting on marine life at the ocean’s surface.

The boat will then take you to an island where a feast of grilled fish, chicken, calamari and lobster will be served with cold soft drinks and beer. Afterwards a tropical fruit tasting of 10-15 varieties will take place, followed by a shot of African Amarula liquor in coffee. You may take part in the islands other activities, before traveling back to Fumba.


This tour lets you see the traditional fishing and farming life, you begin with a visit to a spice plantation. You will see how the crops are farmed, and taste fruits and spiced teas. Then, after a visit to the Kidichi Persian Baths you will continue on to Mchangani, a village untouched by time. You will see how women obtain well water and paint with henna. A villager will teach you how coconut is essential to the locals and show you how it’s prepared.

A local blacksmith will explain making handmade nails, before we eat lunch in Nungwi around 1:30p.m. The restaurant sits on a flawless beach and guests are welcome to enter the water. Before returning home, a visit to the Mnarani Natural Aquarium will finish the trip.

Jozani Forest – ½ Day Tour

The forest is part of Jozani Chwaka Bay, a nature reserve protecting an essential ecosystem. This thick forest is home to the red colobus monkey, an endangered species only found in Zanzibar. A guide will show you these rare primates. The forest itself is a sight to behold, and home to many other animals. You will also enjoy a walk through mangrove forests

Prison Island – ½ Day Tour

You will travel to the island by motor boat, the island was used as a “jail” for disobedient slaves and a jail was built, but never used. Today the island is a tourist attraction and home to giant tortoises. After a brief history lesson, you are free to explore.

Chumbe Island Day (MARINE PARK) Tour

This island is situated 8 miles southwest of Zanzibar Town. It is an uninhabited island dominated by coral rag forest and bordered on its western shore, by a fringing coral reef of exceptional biodiversity and beauty. Based on the initiative of Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd, a private company created for the management of Chumbe, the island was gazette in 1994 as a protected area by the Government of Zanzibar.

It covers 16 hectors of undisturbed forest and surrounded by a virgin coral reef, which can be reached in about 45 minutes by boat. The sanctuary has more than 200 a pieces of pristine stone corals, about 400 species of fish and turtles & dolphin regularly passing by. A fixed number of people are allowed to go there, which is not more than 14 persons for a day trip and for accommodation is 13 when it’s full. You will do a guided walking in the small forest, snorkel, swimming or just relax.


The main attraction is swimming with the Dolphins. Being very social themselves, if you are luck you even get to play with them. Situated on the southern point of the island, Kizimkazi fishing village is home to several schools of bottle-nosed dolphins and Humpback dolphins, which are sighted following a short boat trip from the village.

We advise clients to wear their swimming attire. We also advise to wear waterproof sandals for boarding the dhows and to bring sunscreen, towel and spare T -shirt for snorkelling.

  • The above information are for Half day Dolphin tour which doesn‘t include sand bank trip for lunch. Full day dolphin trip include a boat ride to sand back for lunch and leisure till late

Sand bank Picnic (Subject to Tide of the Day and Weather Conditions)

This wonderful excursion is suitable for anyone, from those who wish to completely relax to those who want adventure and excitement.

We board the dhow and then set sail towards Bawe Island ; here we will do some snorkeling with a guide to see the stunning array of colored corals and tropical fish of the islands. Then hop back on-board and let us sail you away to a sand bank where brilliant birdlife exists.

A seemingly uninhabited and quiet bank in the ocean suddenly comes to life with millions of birds flying overhead and ghost crabs scurrying across the golden sands. After lunch relax on the sandbank listening to the bird life around you and the hush of waves lapping against the shore. For the more active discover more underwater life around the sandbank and listen to stories from our crew about sailing the seven seas.

We will slowly sail back to stone town after soaking up the sun and return back to the shore by 02:30pm.

Enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise through the ocean water complete with a personal guide, musicians, a feast of Swahili Cuisine, white wine, cold local beer, as well as juices and cocktails.

Serving white wine, cold local beer, fresh juices and cocktails to cheer your delicate palate you’ll also enjoy a tasting of Italian cheese with homemade jam, prawns, fried calamari, crispy cassava and other delicacies of Swahili cuisine. What better way to end your trip to Africa?

Sunset Cruise special Honeymoon

There is nothing more romantic than sailing away together into a golden sunset in our traditional Swahili dhow, this is a special organization just for two, ensuring your Honeymoon vacation is the magical, memorable, and heart-warming experience that it should be.

Aboard our dhow with Latin sails that glides silently along the stone town coast of Zanzibar under starry and moonlit sky, we are giving you a wonderful honeymoon treat offering intriguing different view of this amazing Island, enjoying the scenery by evening with its soft silent wind which is truly mesmerizing.

We also entertain you with special welcoming services, snacks, wine, beer, sparkling wine, soft drinks and traditional live music, just to make memorable your special date.

Scuba Diving

Zanzibar is world famous for its crystal clear diving.  Tropical fish are abundant in shallow waters and experienced divers can enjoy night dives, wall dives and drift dives.  In deep waters, you will find large game fish (barracuda, tuna, kingfish and wahoo) manta rays, sharks and a large garden of coral that goes on for miles.

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